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Anak Krakatau, Indonesia


Anak Krakatau erupting, 08/04/2018

On the 27th of August 1883 the volcanic island of Krakatau, in the Sunda Straight between Java and Sumatra, erupted with an explosion that was heard 3,000 miles away on the tiny island of Rodriguez in the Indian Ocean. There were four explosions the last and largest of which occurred at 10.02am blowing itself out of existance, unleashing a ferocious tsunami which killed 36,000 people and whose final ripples were recorded passing Cherbourg in France and just making it into The English Channel.


When the dust settled Krakatau had vanished. Then in 1928 a new island appeared in the the Straight. By 1935 it was 63 metres high and by 1955 it stood at 155 metres. At present it is over 400 metres above sea level and growing at about 5 metres per year. The new island is called Anak Krakatau, or Child of Krakatau, and one day it will explode again with the same fury as its parent.


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